Making Work During Isolation

APRIL 2020 // Maria Ansell

Three photographers creating still life photography from objects you can find around your home - a little bit of inspiration during lockdown.

Nicolas Haeni     

Every now and then I see a piece of work that makes me feel jealous that I didn’t/couldn’t have created it. This was the instant feeling I got when I came across Nicolas’s series ‘#onesculptureadaykeepsthevirusaway'.

His playful approach to sculpture is a breath of fresh air between to the bombardment of terrifying news and sad statistics that we are currently swamped with.

We have been in lockdown for about three weeks now and seeing his work in my instagram feed was the first thing that gave me itchy fingers and the urge to pick my camera up again.
(stay tuned for an update of my attempts to respond to these photographers work). 

Jan Groover

This is the woman who’s pictures persuaded me to invest in the transformative powers of the macro lens (not always necessary but it definitely helps if you’re persistently working with the micro like I do).

If you’re a millennial then chances are you have an abundant collection of slightly neglected house plants, combine them with the contents of your cutlery draw and you’re half way to creating your own Jan Groover inspired imagery. Her iconic Kitchen still life photographs are all about using texture and layers of mundane objects to create extraterrestrial landscapes - and all on her kitchen table!

Organic Sculpture - A Photo Essay. Photos: Claus Troelsgaard & Styling: Mathias Mons

I originally came across this work in a copy or CEREAL magazine. I’v found it pretty difficult to find any information about this pairing online but I keep coming back to this set of images, which live in the favourites folder of my phone camera roll, whenever I need a reminder that simple and strange can be incredibly effective.

I find this helpful because of the tendency I have to massively overcomplicate things (see for example my response to the Pending Bronze Open Call which started as a simple still life of a Toby Jug, before it got out of hand … )