Anna Wright

Anna Firth is a photographer who examines societal norms, ideals and expectations. Her ongoing series The Burbs focuses on the ideology of the new middle class and the effects it has on the environment.

Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams is drawn to the spectacle of the everyday within his environment with the emphasis given to many photography tropes such as light, texture and place.  His work is created from an observational viewpoint offering his personal visual experience of the world.

Ellie Walmsley

Ellie Walmsley is a visual artist who works in the fields of
photography and graphic design. Her practice centres around
the notions of the playful and absurd and she is fascinated with
questioning the notions of good and bad taste.

  Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson is a photographer who graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2019. Her work is documentary focused based around the north of England.
Rossington is her most recent project which documented the effects of a former mining village facing the effects of a post- industrial Britain. For this project she won the Redeye photographic network award and was exhibited in Leeds at FIIK studios in March 2019 as part of Yoo-toh-pee-a.
Other works include Clayton, and Imaging Couture which was exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery in 2018. As of January 2020, Emily works as part of Pending which is a peer led work group consisting of a group of her fellow MSoA Alumni.

Maria Ansell

I aim to be socially engaged within my photographic practice as I investigate narratives surrounding people, places and objects. I have an interest in still lifes and traditional documentary as well as exploring themes relating to the human experience such as the compulsion to catalogue and collect. Above everything I tend to use photography as an excuse to explore personal relationships and spend time with people in ways which I maybe wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to.

My work will often amass in the form of a large scale installation and the final outcome plays a major role in the production of a piece. I like to use a vibrant and playful approach which I believe helps to illuminate otherwise mundane objects and spark an interest in subject matter from people not previously connected to it.

Perry Brandon Leach

Perry Brandon Leach is a contemporary photographer, born in Liverpool. He produces cinematic imagery which often resembles film stills.
Through the creation of characters and the building of sets, he creates specific scenes, each seemingly unconnected but treated with the same considered, methodical approach. His protagonists go unnamed and scenes left unexplained, offering viewers a space in which to fantasise.
Michael Fried’s notion of absorption is at the forefront of Leach’s research, as he plays with the idea of self-consciousness. His subjects often gazing out of frame, superficially unaware of the presence of the camera.
His photographic prints are presented on a light box imitating the television’s bright light, he aims to immerse his audience into the misé en scene.

Rebecca Emily Burns

Rebecca Emily Burns was born in Newry in the North of Ireland. She moved to Manchester to attend the School of Art and study her Ba(hons) Degree in Photography. After receiving a first-class honour, she began working as a teaching assistant on the same course she had studied on.

Rebecca Burns is a conceptual photographer, who bases her practise on in-depth research about topics, which usually relate to her past experiences and childhood. Being born in the North of Ireland had a profound impact on her work, as she explores her background and surroundings.

Social engagement is at the heart of her practise as she uses her medium to explore complex and often contested subject matter. Through a belief that communication leads to understanding, she aims to open a dialogue with her photographs.

  Rhiannon James

Rhi James is a MSoA photography graduate who’s work reflects on feelings of belonging,
home, the familiar and community.
Currently creating work focusing on finding the familiar whilst in unfamiliar situations.